Starting the next chapter of our RV Life

How it all began, I had been camping with my parents in one form or another since I was a kid. We went from tenting to a cab-over camper on the back of a pickup truck so I’ve always been fond of camping and RV travel. In my early teens I drew pictures of a Greyhound bus converted to an RV with a portion of the luggage area converted to a garage for a low profile sports car.

Soon after Alice and I got married we started tenting on camping trips with my parents. After a while we started noticing our backs would get sore from the cold ground so we got a tent trailer and enjoyed that for almost 10 years before looking at options, mostly toy haulers for the ATV.

After realizing how close retirement was, I started looking at Class A motorhomes with the intent to tow a 4×4 to replace the ATV for camping trips but have something street legal for cross country trips when we retire. After shopping around at RV dealers where Alice & I figured out what we did or did not like.

I toyed with Ebay auctions for almost two years. Then when I was on a October 2012 business trip, I forgot about an RV I bid on, the story is linked here. While 1100 miles from home, I ended up winning an auction on a 1999 Bounder and we put about 25,000 miles coast to coast over the nine years. Fast forward to May 2021 we stumbled across another great deal and we are now proud owners of a used 2014 Bounder 33C.

Photo from the day we took delivery

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