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SAL Detachment Campout

It’s Friday and the rest of the Sons (SAL) are starting to roll into the group site at Roper Lake State Park. We pulled up camp at the individual campground and moved over the be with the SAL group. A bunch of us guys hopped into trucks to go meet with the Safford (Post 28) […]

Roper Lake State Park

When I was a kid, we went camping a few times in the hottest part of summer, up to Riggs Flat lake on Mt. Graham. At 11,000 feet, you’d still find snow in the shady areas all summer past Labor Day. I recall the drive from Phoenix, nearly 3 hours just to Safford 160 miles […]

The Phoenix Mystery Castle

It seems most of the places you don’t get around to seeing are practically in your own backyard! Today we went and saw the Mystery Castle in Phoenix at the foot of South Mountain Park. The home was built by Boyce Gully who left his family and disappeared after being diagnosed with Tuberculosis (fled partly […]