The Dog Blog-Exploits of Piper and Titus-The Frenchies

April 3, 2019

By Ed Boyce

Are you a dog person?  Maybe a cat person?  When we had our big "sticks and bricks" house we had a veritable zoo of pets.  Now that we are living FT in the Bighorn "Clarke (the truck is Lewis or Caribou) we don't quite have the room for the zoo.  What we have made room for are two French Bulldogs...Piper and Titus.  We never owned this breed of dog before but knoew we needed something smaller than pets we have had before.  After a little research we got Piper (the girl) and soon realized that she needed a partner in crime which brings us to Titus (the boy).

They are truly our babies and are completely spoiled ( Deana would say "not spoiled...well loved")  and they are truly that.  They love every person and fellow animal they have ever met, especially children and other Frenchies. I will update the dog-blog with photos and stories of their many exploits if you are interested...stay tuned!