Introduction or Explanation

April 3, 2019

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By: Ed Boyce

I feel some explanation is in order.  Chasing68 is an odd name for a website and I want my readers/viewers to understand who we are and what we're about.  For a long time I have mentioned following my "ideal" temperature around the county.  It is a silly idea that would keep you constantly moving and trying to settle into your own nirvana.  When we weren't mobile is was something I dreamed about and wanted to eventually do.  My wife would ask me what is the best temperature and I finally settled on 68 degrees as my personal number...if I was stuck with just one.  

Like I said it's a pretty silly thing to say but when you look at those people who are RV Nomads they tend to stay in areas that are not too hot or cold at any given time.  

I could have named this site chasing freedom, chasing adventure, and a ton of other things that we hope to find on our journeys.  The point is we are all chasing something and the day you ever stop chasing your dreams will be a sad day indeed.